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Yet, many senior adults have retired after spending their whole careers in occupations that did not require computer skills. Then, when they do take computer classes, the classes usually assume they already have basic skills, like how to use the mouse. The classes also often focus on learning all the aspects of a particular computer software program, like Word or Excel.



  • Is designed with seniors in mind!
  • Not a children's program adapted for adult use.
  • We teach skills, not just how a specific program works.
  • Learning techniques are carefully designed based on the way seniors think.
  • Seniors learn by doing with interactive software; voice and written directions guide seniors through the lessons.

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Skillful Senior is designed for individual or classroom use. If you are a leader in a senior center or library, we can help you set up a class. If you are learning by yourself, or want to help a friend learn, our guides Jeff, Mary, and Sun will help you through the tutorials.